We specialize in Swedish and it is mostly favored by our clients. Developed in Scandinavia in the mid 1900s, Swedish finish is the bench mark of all finish medium. Besides its superb quality, it is also the only finish that requires very little maintenance. Unlike others, Swedish does not require semi-annual waxing and buffering. Maintenance of Swedish can be as little as damp mopping.

The only fall back is that Swedish finish permits toxic fume during the coating process. Vacation is necessary; including pets and plants, for at least 1 to 2 days after the final second coat is settled. Pilot lights in older gas appliances have to be turned off. There are instances where odor can linger up to a week if there isn't enough time or windows to air out the room. However, out clients still opt for Swedish finish because the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. There is no costly maintenance that requires professionals, but simply damp mopping. Its popularity in Europe and Western United States speak for the quality that Swedish finish can deliver.


Pros: Water based finish is fast drying and low in toxic solvents. It is made up primarily of urethane-acrylic. It means there are less fumes, and the period of vacation is greatly reduced compared to Swedish finish. Residential floors usually require about three coats of finish, and normal foot traffic can resume 24 hrs after the final coat is applied.

Cons: This type of finish has not been around for long; therefore, it does not share the same reputation for durability of Swedish finish. It is still in development, and our success with water based finish is greatly appreciated by our customers.


Pros: Oil based finish exists since the 1900s. It is commonly used in bowling alleys in the past. It is capable of flowing out to a smooth and durable finish.

Cons: The time it takes for the first coat to dry and ready for recoating is about 12 hours. Temperature and humidity and affect the waiting time. Once the final coat is applied, there is a 3-7 days hardening period before we can restore furniture. The fume may linger for days, and it is a disadvantage for customer with allergies or sensitivities.


Most standard installations are made up of 2 " x " tongue-and-groove hardwood boards. We use a technique commonly called "blind-nail"-which is very effective in seamless installation and very minimal evidence of nails once filled and sanded- and attach the boards to the sub-floor.

Please be informed that in an event of installation, your existing moldings or baseboards may have to be removed, among other things. Our personnel will talk to you to make arrangements for any preparation necessary to ready the job site.

A majority of our customers will be given a standard approximate time of completion. There are cases where the nature of the room, i.e. kitchen, split level room, etc. contains islands, and small steps, may require more time to be done. We always make sure to let you know from the beginning what complications might there be and how long is the duration of the job.

We ask that our customers give us exclusive access to the job site in order to guarantee punctuality and quality. In return we will make sure that anything outside of the job site will be protected from dust or any kind of damage. Moreover, during the critical stage of applying the finishing, we ask that any form of construction surrounding the site to be halted, because any little amount of dust among other things can contaminate the finish.

Repairs, resurfacing, or refinishing require one or many steps used in putting down new floors from scratch. We are here to help, so please ask us for advice and an estimate since it is a case by base basis.


Hardwood flooring is already a great investment. It adds value and aesthetic quality to your home. Here at Super Hardwood Floor, we offer more ways to even further increase the value and the looks of your new floor. Our custom works range from accent trims to medallion.


We specialize in a number of special custom built projects. Yet we are proudest of our level of expertise in custom built staircase. Like mentioned above, there are only a few methods to increase the value of your floor; custom inlay is one of them, and custom staircase is another.

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